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Project Description

SmashApps JQuery Editor 0.1 is a simple editor for JQuery and JavaScript. JQuery Editor focuses on CSS3 and HTML5. Create stunning web pages with the latest effects. It is developed in Visual Basic 2010 with the .net Framework 4.0. Created by the SmashApps Development Team

0.2 Released: 15/05/2011
0.2 has many additions such as nearly 100 JQuery references, many fixes, better file editing, file previewing, project editing/manipulation. 0.3 will look into more of the editing and JQuery examples.

The examples window so far, uses Checkbox buttons to select examples. 


SmashApps JQuery Editor 0.1 current interface:

Jquery Editor 0.1

Some of the key features:

 - Execute a file to display a preview
 - Select a reference from the bottom treeview and press insert
 - Treeview of all the files open. If you press a file it will change the corresponding tab etc
 - Text formatting and editing controls such as Cut, Copy, paste, Undo, Redo etc 



Need to work on adding most references currently only the JQuery Misc and Selectors work. 

Develop Examples window for users to import examples (courtesy of some friends for the examples)

Syntax Highlighting

Line Numbers on the side

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